Thursday, December 11, 2008

Interpreting Dreams


It's never been easy for me to listen to people talk about their dreams. I understand that they're not looking for help interpreting dream symbols, and that they just need someone to listen, but that doesn't make the task any easier. I would be okay with hearing people's dreams if they kept the descriptions very brief. "I had a dream I punched you in the face and then made out with a car," would be an example of a brief dream description that I could tolerate. I would probably even be able to help the person interpret that dream if they needed help. The problem is that dreams are rarely that simple, and no one is good at describing dreams because you can never accurately capture the twisted vision that danced through your passed-out head after eating two bowls of ice cream and watching 28 Days Later. Everyone resorts to obscure metaphors of feeling that don't make sense, like they'll tell you it felt like being at a funeral in Epcot center, only no one was sad. And they desperately want you to understand how messed up it was; like if they can just share this one weird feeling, it won't seem so odd that it's running around their subconscious. I find it's best just to nod, and then tell them your dream about punching the car and then making out with their sister.

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