Friday, May 1, 2009

Home Brewing


I don't home brew much anymore. The sanitizing is tedious and boiling beer boosts the temp in your house too much on a hot day. There's also not much of a return on your money, and all my beer tasted pretty much the same. I was fond of saying things like, "This tastes a lot less hoppy than the Sam Smith clone we made last summer," when I really had no recollection what the beer tasted like last summer. The one thing I really miss is trying to guess the alcohol percentage of the beer we brewed. You can get an accurate measure with a hydrometer and some specific gravity calculations, but I copied off my neighbor in chemistry class. Instead, we would drink a whole bunch of beer the night it was ready to see how drunk we got. Then we would argue loudly over half percentage points until someone walked off like they were going to the bathroom but really snuck out the door or went to bed.

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