Friday, August 28, 2009

Road Rage Emails

I owe the person who uses the email address RoadRage69@aol an apology. During the past several years, I've listed it as an email address on a few online applications requesting information to be mailed to the homes of friends. I chose RoadRage on the first application I filled out--it was for my friend Chris who was between jobs when I signed him up for truck driving school. Part of me thought that they would never send someone who went by such an abrasive online name information about enrollment in their driving school, but apparently truck driving schools are desperate for enrollment. I didn't use the email handle again until one of my friend's hairline receded enough that I decided he would benefit from some information I saw on an infomercial. True to their word, the hair plug company shipped the VHS about balding in a discreet, black envelope, I can only hope they're not still emailing RoadRage69 about his thinning hair.

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