Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Locking your Keys Inside is Embarrassing Enough

My friend got out of the National Guard few years ago, but during his enlistment heyday we took a road trip together, and by the end of it I'd heard so many stories about National Guard that I felt like I'd been through basic training. The best story I heard, which I'm sure he later regretted telling me since I've retold it to so many of our mutual friends, was about the time his buddy locked his keys in the tank. Apparently tanks have several doors, and one time the driver crawled out through a side door that automatically locked behind him. I don't know if he thought other people were still in the tank or they'd left the other doors open, but they had to sit outside the running tank while waiting for someone to run and get a key. The story actually gets better, because this particular brand of tank didn't have a gun on it. Oh man, I laughed so hard when he told me that. It would have been better if instead of a gun, the tank had a white flag permanently attached in the gun's spot.

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