Friday, September 11, 2009

UFO Sightings

I'm way less into UFO's now than I used to be. You could accurately describe my interest in UFOs as "very little to none." I heard a story about something the size of a football field that flew over a populated part of Texas, but I didn't bother looking into the details. It's a good thing that UFO didn't fly over Texas when I was a 5th grader looking forward to seeing Fire in the Sky, because it's all I would have thought about for months. I think almost everyone has a story they can tell about seeing unexplained lights in the sky or mysterious aircraft on the horizon--especially among the outdoors crowd. It happens during a long drive home after a day of skiing or week of eating peyote buttons in an Argentine sweat lodge. I saw three UFOs in my neighborhood once, but they turned out to be spotlights reflecting off the clouds from a newly opened strip club.

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  1. Sorry you not interested. That Texas sighting was a milestone in UFO research. MUFON file a FOIA from the FAA and received the radar tapes for that period. They showed an unknown object 800 - 1000 ft across able to accelerate to 21 hundreds miles and hour in seconds. This sighting also showed that UFO witnesses are not the ideots of fools the media and debunkers make them out to be. In every major witness report the UFO according to radar was exactly where the witnesses claimed they had the sighting. With all of the new technology out there what ever is here will no longer be able to hide. When you see a flying disk as I did up close, you remember it for the rest of your life and the questions beyond the sighting haunts you if you have any curiosity at all. UFO are not a fad for me it is a question that needs to be answered for the sake of humanity.
    Joe Capp
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