Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Morning Antarctica

A guy I met once used to work at the McMurdo Station on the coast of Antarctica. It's an American research station filled with scientists and their support staff, and he worked in some auxiliary general maintenance capacity. He was also a DJ on their radio station. The McMurdo Station has one radio tower that broadcasts a signal the 1200-or-so inhabitants can pick up on clock radios and handhelds. Watching the dial spin after hitting 'scan' down there would get pretty depressing, so you have to hope the DJs do a good job. Apparently the station has crates of old records that are stamped 'Vietnam' on the side. He said that when the U.S. was leaving Vietnam in the early 70s and tearing down their infrastructure, all of the records that belonged to the DJ who inspired the Robin Williams movie 'Good Morning Vietnam' were lying around. Instead of tossing them into the sea, some enterprising DJ had them boxed up and shipped to the McMurdo Station. I like the idea that one of the most interesting record collections in the world has made its home in Antarctica.

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