Monday, October 5, 2009

Parking Passes, State Parks, and Probable Cause

In high school I didn't have State Park Pass sticker on my car so I faced the possibility of fines or having my car towed if I parked inside the park. Well, really I faced having my mom's Pontiac being fined or towed since I didn't own a vehicle. Luckily a golf course and country club that abutted the state park owned a massive parking lot, and I could park there and ride my bike onto the trails to avoid buying a pass. I'm not sure if that golf course still allows cheapskates to park in their lot, but it would have been easy for them to make some sweet money by having all of our vehicles towed. It was easy to tell which vehicles belonged to bikers in a country club lot because all the Cavaliers and Minibuses with bike carriers stood out against the Cadillacs and Lincolns. It was kind of like in high school how the "drug dogs" happened to single out every car with Grateful Dead stickers for searches.

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