Monday, November 23, 2009

Zombie or Robot Uprising?

Let me pose a philosophical question: Would you rather fight a zombie or robot uprising? I think the fight with zombies would be easier, especially if you were fighting Night of the Living Dead zombies and not the super fast/aggressive ones from 28 Days Later. Also, killing zombies is well documented, while robots can adapt and have a much broader reach than zombies. How would we effectively fight robots? Block out the sun to prevent them from getting solar power? Viruses to cripple software? Time traveling teenagers? So far nothing's worked. Another consideration is that all humanity would be united in the fight against robots, while battling zombies means that you're fighting what used to be normal people. So it's really more of a question of whether you're more afraid of technology or other people.


  1. I would have to say after watching transformers i would much rather fight a zombie uprising.