Sunday, December 6, 2009

College Prep

Either my second grade teacher Mrs. Sparks had a gift for sparkling non-sequitur statements, or I zoned out in class a lot and only regained consciousness when she said something really off the wall. She yelled about not sharing cans of soda one afternoon during math, but it was her talk on college that stuck with me the most. One day she responded to a classmate's question about higher education with a discourse on the college experience. She said, "You'll do crazy things in college. Drink gallons of water for no reason at all; drink water with goldfish in it." She went onto something about staying up all night, but I'd fixated on the goldfish in the future of my education. If her intention was to paint college as a place where there would be a free exchange of ideas, I'm afraid she failed. But if she was trying to say in a kid-friendly way that we'd do a lot of partying, she nailed it.

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