Friday, December 4, 2009

Drysuits and Lake Swimming

We were bobbing in the waves on a small boat in the lake a few summers ago and decided to jump in for a swim. I was wearing the only clean clothes I had along after a weekend of bar tours and standing in lines for burritos at 2:30am. My friend bought a drysuit only a couple weeks earlier, and I'd always been curious to try one out, so I pulled it on and jumped in with everyone else. The thing was a bit baggy with a lot of dead air space, and when I hit the water feet first, it pushed the drysuit against my skin and all the air upwards. I floated like a bloated starfish, about a third of my body still above water. My friend opened the neck to let the air out, and in a few moments I was swimming along like everyone else. If you've never worn a drysuit, the water temperature comes through fairly well, and after a few minutes you almost forget you're wearing it. I'd drank a couple beers and kind of had to go to the bathroom. For a second I thought, "Perfect, I'll pee in the lake while swimming and no one will know." Thankfully I stopped myself in a momentary panic right before getting started.

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