Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting a White Couch is Pretty Much the Worst Idea Ever

The only thing worse than buying a white couch is buying a couch that's too short for you to lie down on. So I guess the worst thing, really, would be buying a white couch that's too small for you to lie down on. I never really considered myself a couch person until I spent a year without one. There's something to be said for the state of mind that comes with stretching out on a comfortable piece of furniture that's not your bed. Couches are meant for relaxing, and there's nothing relaxing about lying on a white couch. One spill and it's over. You'd have to eat sitting on an enormous napkin and have Tide pens stashed all over your house in case guests stopped by with a bottle of red wine. You choose couch colors like you choose suit colors. You want something that you can spill booze all over at the wake and then still wear to the funeral. There's a reason black is a traditional color at funerals. Sure, white is more angelic, but black covers up stains.

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