Thursday, February 4, 2010

Legality Questions for Sandwich Shop Clerks

A local bank put an ATM in the hallway between a liquor store and sandwich shop. You could see a camera on the actual ATM, and then there was another one in the hallway shooting the entrance of the liquor store. If someone was going to rob this ATM, there would be plenty of video evidence for police. This liquor store/sandwich shop near the university was a popular two-punch stop for us on Friday nights. You could pick up dinner for $4 and then get a case of Black Label for $9. On one occasion that I didn't join my friends, one noticed something strange about the ATM. There appeared to be a wad of cash sticking out of the cash-dispensing area. They argued over whether to go on camera and get the cash, and if doing so would be illegal. They couldn't decide, so they stepped into the sandwich shop to ask the clerk's advice. They posed the question to him as a hypothetical, but as soon as they explained it, the guy ran from behind the counter towards the door. They followed a step behind, but the clerk arrived first and nabbed all the cash out of the ATM. They didn't stick around to see if he got in trouble with the law, but if he did, at least it would be an easy job for the police.

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