Saturday, February 6, 2010

Running from the Police

Running from the police as a teenager is as thrilling as it gets. No one has more stamina and speed than a teen on the run from a campus security car. We used to ride our BMX bikes on campus, and occasionally one of the passing police cars would take issue with where we were riding. There was no safe place for the driver to stop at this particular spot, so if they had a problem, they'd get on the loud speaker and say, "Stop riding and stay put." The first time it happened, I stopped and stood there until my friend shouted over his shoulder while riding away from me, "I think he said move along!" Years later, another friend near campus was told to stop riding from a police loudspeaker, and he made a break for it. He pedaled his little bike as hard as he could and thought he found safe refuge. He hopped  a curb and beelined across a soccer field, aiming for a parking lot on the far side. He was disheartened to turn around and see the cops driving onto the soccer field in pursuit. You just don't think anyone will drive onto a soccer field when you're a teenager. Turns out the police don't mind. They must have thought my friend was such an idiot.

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