Thursday, March 25, 2010

Awkward Hugs

Hugging convention eludes me. When you meet a friend of your girlfriend's and his female companion on the street, and your girlfriend hugs them both, what do you do when introduced? You obviously shake the guy's hand if you're a guy, but your girlfriend just met this other woman and she hugged her. It almost seems rude to stick out your hand. It's not just this situation. What do you do with opposite-sex work friends when you say bye for the weekend after a few drinks? A handshake seems weird since you know each other so well, but a hug is downright creepy. I guess you wave goodbye, or just say you're going to the restroom and then leave without saying bye.


  1. Get out of my head Thompson. I just had this same convo with myself this weekend. I've definitely just pretended to go to the bathroom and left.

  2. the ol' irish goodbye. i do that on the regular.