Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Movie Stores

You can never really close your video rental store accounts. I've opened a rental account in most cities where I've lived over the years, and it's come back to bite me. My friend was served a notice from a collection agency on a past-due Blockbuster account in Minneapolis. We'd rented several movies there including the one that they called him about, but I'm certain that we returned the movie. Sadly, I didn't have access to any film documentation or other suitable proof that we'd returned the movie, so I had no recourse. All I could do was go to the movie rental chain in Utah and tell them that I was closing my account. I related my story about the lost video I'd returned and then be charged for, and that's when the guy told me he couldn't close my account. It's just not an option. Every movie store account I've opened since being 13 is apparently still on record somewhere. Now I tell people to put a note in my account saying not to ever rent a movie to anyone--even me, just in case I become the victim of identity theft and someone tries to rent Blade II on one of my former accounts again. I just hope I never move back to any of those old towns and try to rent movies since I've put those notes in every old account.

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