Monday, April 5, 2010

Transactional Misgivings

I visited the local drugstore to buy a 12-pack of beer and an armload of various household sundries. Only one woman was working behind the counter since it was late, and this usually isn't an issue as long as no one in the line decides to rob the place. The man in front of me had clipped coupon for Sour Patch Kids Easter candy, but the drugstore was sold out, so he tried to redeem it for the non-bunny-shaped version of the candy. The computer wouldn't accept the deal, and it devolved into a test of wills between the man seeking the discount and the counter woman trying to get him to leave. He argued a good 10 minutes, but it got a bit harder with each person who joined the line. I was holding out for him even though my arms were getting heavy and my beer warm, but when the people in line behind me started yelling instead of just sighing loudly, he packed it up and left. I briefly considered trying to get the same discount on the Sour Patch Kids since the guy before me had already worn down the drugstore employee, but my desire to not get beat up by people in line superseded my need to save $.50 on candy.

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