Friday, May 14, 2010

Easily Annoyed

I met a guy who makes about $200k a year giving desperate men clinics on how to pick-up women. Of course the guy was such a massive creep that it's tough to encapsulate in one sentence how complete of a package he was in terms of sucking big time. Well, to be honest, I never really met him. He was pointed out from across the room, and I observed his habits. Only now does the possibility occurs to me that they guy was actually a clerk at the Gap, and my friend was messing with me. But really, that's far more interesting. Maybe he was some normal guy who I demonized from across the room by thinking he was making a ton of money and hardly working. I would have gone over and asked the guy if it was true about his job, but he was busy sharing his iPod with some girl who he began making out with in front of everyone after talking to her for about 10 minutes. Either way, he seemed like kind of a jerk.

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