Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lost in the E-mail

I stopped getting my own SteepandCheap e-mails a few weeks ago. Nothing they can do will start sending it again. One of my friends who stopped getting it years ago spontaneously started getting it last week. There's a ghost in the SteepandCheap machine. Me not getting my own e-mail shouldn't seem like a big deal, but I sometimes forget that I went to lunch, and so I'll go out to eat twice in one day. It's a miracle I haven't been repeating myself word-for-word all week.


  1. I stopped getting it too. I was a little sad until I found this. I liked waking up, or falling asleep to your stories.

  2. Did you identify the fix yet? I'm not receiving them either.

  3. yeah, i'm still not getting mine either. they say it's fixed...