Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stove Dilemma

I live in a small space, so running the ‘clean’ setting on my stove represents a difficult decision. The clean setting on my stove heats it up to about 1000F, and it simply burns all the garbage out of there. It gets vaporized and pumped out of the stove, filling the air with a noxious cloud of smoke. Even if I open all the windows, put a fan in the kitchen, and then stuff a towel under my bedroom door, my eyes will still water while hiding out in my bedroom. And there’s really nothing in the stove to burn off except some grease. I’m tempted to actually fill it with trash one day and turn on ‘clean’ to see what would happen. So you’re faced with a choice: stay home and deal with burning eyes while the stove cleans, or leave the house and pray that it doesn’t burn to the ground while you’re across the street drinking bloody marys. I moved any combustibles away from the stove opted for the later, with check-ins every hour or so. I’m still not sure if I’d be criminally liable if my apartment burnt down.

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