Monday, June 21, 2010

Eating Oysters and Not Getting Sick

I love eating oysters though I'm at a loss to explain why. "They taste like the ocean" is probably the best defense I could give, though dunking your head into the sea and snorting saltwater into your sinuses would accomplish the same thing and I don't bother with that. I go to a restaurant near my house that gives you six blue point oysters and a pint of Pabst Blue Ribbon for $8, and I get this special every time. I have yet to get sick from eating them, but I know that eating raw oysters is a gamble since the animals are bottom feeders. They live in the muck, filtering all the toxic crap out of the ocean that gets more and more polluted. Maybe it's the roulette-style thrill of the possibility of getting grotesquely ill with each oyster that I eat that intrigues me. Or maybe it's the pint of Pabst that comes with it.

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