Thursday, June 3, 2010

Give Me A Rifle and A Case of Camo

We were arguing about an impending war several years ago, and my friend Rob was on a roll. His stance could be described as 'Pro War' to the point that he advocated the U.S. government scooping him up and dropping him behind enemy lines with nothing but a rifle and a case of Camo. What's interesting about this stance is his request for a case of Camo. At the time, Camo was a new high-gravity malt liquor sold in 16oz cans for about a dollar each. It was very cheap and tasted like a cross between drinkable yogurt and Red Bull. He wouldn't really have any use for a case of malt liquor behind enemy lines, but our argument was so woefully under informed that grasping at the military-sounding malt beverage was about the only thing that made sense.

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