Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lucky Charms is Long Overdue for a New Marshmallow Shape

I remember the last time Lucky Charms added a new marshmallow shape. They promoted it during cartoons by running commercials for months. The anticipation was killing us, and when they finally announced that purple horseshoes would be added, I was shocked there was any left in the grocery store. My parents wouldn't buy sugar cereal, so I didn't get to try it until a friend brought it to school. I noticed that Lucky Charms hasn't added a new marshmallow shape since then -- they're long overdue. The only logical conclusion is that their ad campaign with the horseshoe last time bombed and they don't want to spend the cash again. That, or they treat the cereal with such reverence that they only introduce new marshmallows every 20 years. Either way, it's about time. I suggest brown barbed-wire shaped marshmallows. That's just one idea.

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