Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Aunt and Cousin Are There, Too

I was eating in a small, rural restaurant over the weekend and carrying on a text message conversation with my girlfriend. She told me that against all odds, her aunt and cousin were in the same restaurant at that very moment. I'd met them once, so I walked through the place but didn't see them. I saw one girl who was about the right age and could maybe be the cousin, so I kept looking at her during the meal. The girl eventually noticed the creepy way that I was starring at her, and she started staring back. I tried to stop looking, but every time I glanced in that direction, she was staring at me. So then I began to think, "Maybe this is the cousin, and she recognized me." But I couldn't approach and ask. There had been so much staring already done, that if I approached her and said, "You look familiar," it would have seemed too much like a lame pick up line.

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