Monday, June 7, 2010

Wearing Shants

I don't wear shants. I wear shorts or pants. For me, there does not need to be a middle ground. But I realized the other day (and I don't say this often about fashion choices) that I could maybe pull off wearing shants. I roll my pants up to ride my bike, then I keep my pants rolled at the climbing gym. Why not cut out the middle man (pants in this case), and just wear shants for my cycling/climbing endeavors? The reason I don't take the fashion leap and start wearing shants is that I don't want to ever have to engage in a conversation about shants, which would surely happen on a routine basis if I started wearing them. It'd be like getting a tattoo written in Japanese -- I'd have to explain it all the time, and I've found that I get very tired of explaining the same thing all the time.

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