Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dog Bars

I met a friend at the dog park, and then we walked uptown to a bar that allows people to bring in their dogs. Two ladies walked in, and one of them asked him to write a review for her website. She said she ran a website with reviews of dog-friendly bars and restaurants, and that all the reviews were written as if they were done by dogs. I did little to hide that I thought she was completely insane. The proprietor of the establishment came over and requested that they not write about the bar online in the interest of avoiding problems with the health board. The two girls left a few minutes later without finishing their beers, and then a minute later, we noticed my friend's sunglasses were missing. We're not sure who stole them, but I think it was the two girls. Here's way -- their idea for a website is so staggeringly stupid, that it had to be a ruse to draw his attention while they stole all the stuff he'd set on the bar. Going forward, I'll not only be wary of things that are too good to be true, but also things that are too stupid to be true.

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