Saturday, July 31, 2010

Golf Etiquette

I'm not much of a 'golf shirt' guy. Nor am I much for golfing. I only go about once every 5 years, and it seems it's always with the dad of the girl I'm dating. The last time I went, five years ago, the girl's dad gave me a detailed overview of where I should hit the ball when we were standing at the first tee. He let me know that the green sloped a certain way, so I wanted to hit the ball on that side since it would roll towards the hole. I was just hoping to make contact with the ball when I stepped up to it and swung the club. I thought about telling him that, but I knew he'd figure it out soon enough. I whiffed a couple times on that drive, and then on the second hole, a par 3, I chipped over the green four or five times. I finally just kicked the ball onto the green when he began clearing his throat loudly.

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