Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Parent's Signature

When my friend Sam was a little kid, his neighbor's parents built a mini ramp. They said that any of his friends could skate it, provided that their parents would sign a liability waiver. Sam's parents refused to sign the waiver. Not because they wanted to be able to sue, but because they didn't want Sam to injure himself skateboarding. At first I thought it a bit sad that lawsuits have gotten so out of hand that neighborhood kids need to sign waivers, but now I think it was pretty smart of the parents who built the mini ramp to require them. Not so much because they would hold up in court, but because the type of person who refuses to sign a waiver is likely the same type of person who would bother taking you to court in the first place. As for kids like Sam who simply don't get a signature because their parents want to discourage risky skateboarding, well, they'll just get really good at skating street.

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