Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Culture Shock

The only times I've felt culture shock were the first time I went to Europe and the first time I went to the Jersey Shore. In France I couldn't figure out how to flush the toilet, and on the Jersey Shore I couldn't fathom most of the daily tasks that I've grown to take for granted. All weekend we could hear our neighbors -- a group of guys loudly grunting in their backyard. We finally took a look after they'd swaggered off, and we saw the bench press set they used to get ripped out before walking off the beach. Getting onto the beach is an endeavor on its own, complete with payment to access the shore and wristbands to make sure no one's sneaking out onto that crowded slice of paradise. The sand is literally covered with towels from the high-water mark to the road, and you can't get through it without stepping over sunbathers. Fortunately they have bouncers to keep everyone in line.

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