Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Everyone Does Their Part

Yesterday police were called to a Starbucks in Manhattan after a customer became unruly. It's a classic there's-so-much-more-to-this-story situation, but the paper reported the customer refused to use Starbucks-branded language when ordering and the event spiraled into a screaming match. I totally get this customer. Not that I would have taken it that far, but we all have our things that set us off. No matter where you live, you have to put up with stuff you don't like. You take most of it in stride, but there are limits. And these limits are exceptionally important to break once in awhile. I called the Better Business Bureau the other day when a cab driver refused to take me to Brooklyn. Most people would have just gotten into a different cab. Not me. And some day, that Starbucks lady who screamed at the barista that she wouldn't call a 'medium' a 'tall' might get into my old cab, and she'll have the benefit of being taken where she asks to go. And after a little bad PR at Starbucks, maybe I won't have to use Italian to order a size large coffee. That's what's great about communities. Everyone does what they're good at to improve them. Even if that includes petty phone calls are silly arguments when people should have just walked away.

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