Monday, August 30, 2010

Golf Tournament

I'm playing in a fundraising golf tournament next weekend with my brothers in law. I told them I hadn't played golf in at least 8 years, but that I'd go to the range and hit a couple buckets of balls. My brother-in-law said I'd be better off going to the bar and drinking a couple buckets of beer. So I did both. I went to the range yesterday and had a beer while waiting for a spot to open. The guy who sold me the bucket of balls said it'd be an hour before I could get on the range, but after waiting a half-hour, I put a napkin over my bottle of beer and went to check how much longer it'd be. They'd passed my number 10 minutes earlier, but the guy let me go ahead of the line, and I swung my clubs through a couple buckets of balls. Forty-five minutes later, I ran into a friend at the range, and we headed back to the bar for some food. My beer with the napkin on top of it was undisturbed, and my seat was still vacant even though every seat around it had filled in. In world gone crazy, people respect the napkin on top of a beer bottle. They must have thought that I'd gone outside to smoke a huge cigar.

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