Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pork Chops and Budweiser

There's a law in New York City that every chain restaurant has to post the calorie count of each menu item. It's driven me away from the chain restaurants where I find out that my burrito is over 2000 calories. At the gym where I occasionally pretend to use exercise equipment, the machines tell you how many calories you burn while working out. My guess is that these estimates of calories burned are high, while I would assume that the estimates of calories in each menu item are low. Then I found out today that my coworker calls Budweisers 'pork chops,' because each 12oz bottle contains the same number of calories as a pork chop. Man, I must be burning crazy calories sleeping at night, because I have no idea where all this stuff is going -- I should weigh at least 350lb by now.

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