Monday, September 20, 2010

Trapped at Work

I had a summer job delivering pizzas for Papa John's. I enjoyed my job duties fairly well, with the exception of having to put that huge "Papa John's" dunce cap signage on my car. People assume that you're going to drive like an idiot the moment they see one of those things. Our pizza place was in a strip mall plopped down in the middle of town, and the developer had saved a little cash by not putting a raised sidewalk in front of the stores. The parking area was separated from the walking area at the storefronts only by a painted line. Twice during the summer when I worked there, people drove past the painted line and parked their cars in front of our main door. Since the door swung out when it opened, the parkers pinned the door shut trapping us all inside. While I'm certain that this violated some kind of fire code, it was really a nice break for all the delivery drivers.

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