Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Gentleman's Agreement

Sometimes I'll stop at an ATM to grab cash, and the machine will still be in the middle of a transaction from the last person. It's never at the screen where you select how much money you want, but it's at the screen that says, "Would you like another transaction?" I always close out and then start my own, but I feel like it should probably be legal to take money out of someone's account if they don't end their transaction. I'm all about basic human decency and not robbing from one another, but leaving your ATM transaction unfinished is the adult version of not calling 'seat back' on your chair in high school. Besides, the person would have to guess your PIN number to get any cash out, so really, we should all just agree that we won't press charges on one another if -- and it's extremely unlikely -- you forget to close out your ATM and someone guesses your PIN to take out money. It's a gentleman's agreement.

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