Saturday, November 13, 2010

Baking Dilemma

I'm not much of a fan of baked goods (except pies, if they happen to count as baked goods). Though I'll occasionally find myself in a situation where I need to bake or help my girlfriend bake something to bring to work. If there's a cost-effective means for baking anything, I have not found it. I'll spend $60 at the grocery store buying pumpkin spice, organic pumpkin, several huge bags of powders, and a couple flavor extracts. From this pile of ingredients, I will bake 24 cupcakes. It would be much, much cheaper for me to go to a store that sells cupcakes, buy 24 of them, and then re-wrap them so that people think I made them. And even though the shelf life on all those ingredients is just shy of a decade, it's a safe bet that they will all expire before I have need of them again.

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