Friday, November 26, 2010

Class Reunion Days

This is the time of year when everyone dusts off their favorite Gap blazer, pairs it with some nice jeans, rents a Corvette, and drives to the high school reunion. If there has been more needless anxiety directed at a collective event, I am incapable of naming it. Unless you count Y2K, I guess. Some say today is also the 'Busiest Bar Day of the Year,' when all the kids who went home to see their parents on Thanksgiving then go out to the bars after their familial obligations are met. And really, these busy bar nights where you run into high school frenemies are much preferable to class reunions. You're not stuck awkwardly talking until they open the bar, and when someone mentions how stressful their job is but they -- "Just can't walk away from the money" -- you can pretend the jukebox was too loud and walk away.

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