Monday, November 29, 2010

Closet Drugs

I bought this monster bottle of antacid on sale at the drug store when I was stocking up on stuff for my last place. I put it in my closet with my other bottles of headache cures and suntan lotion and promptly forgot about it. I rarely think to use it when I have a stomach ache, so I'm not even sure what possessed me to buy it. After about a year living in that place, I was getting crushed by stomach pain so I went looking for the bottle of antacid. I found it in my closet right where I'd put it, but it was empty. My theory is that my roommates assumed I was working my way through the bottle, and they would help themselves to it whenever they needed a hit of Rolaids. Little did they know I never used it. They probably left it in my closet empty, assuming that I would think I'd just used them all. Either that or mice have developed opposable fingers. And stomach problems.

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