Friday, December 3, 2010

Black & Tan

Let me give you some friendly advice: Do not order a Black & Tan in Ireland. Back in college, a coworker of mine told me the story of the Black & Tan -- a beer that's half Guinness and half Bass ale. He told me that when the Irish and the English would get together to negotiate, they'd drink Black & Tans since it was half from each country. So when I ordered one in an Irish bar and the bartender asked me if I knew what Black & Tan meant, I related this story I'd learned in college. Turns out that the 'Black & Tans' were an English military squad that was charged with suppressing an Irish rebellion, and they were a bit overzealous in their role. I looked it up later and it seems the story my college friend gave me was completely wrong. Still, those Irish need to have a sense of humor about their Black & Tans (beer-wise at least).

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