Friday, December 10, 2010

Hotels, Sleep Clinics and Steak

I stayed at a sleep clinic a couple months ago and my insurance paid the outrageous bill. It gave me the idea that people with decent insurance but no walking-around money could scam their insurance company by booking a sleep study instead of a hotel room while traveling. You have to put up with weird diodes on your face and someone videotaping while you sleep, but let's face it, that's not very different from most discount motels abutting the highway. For awhile back in Minnesota, insurance scams were widely encouraged by auto glass companies. The state government made everyone carry auto insurance that would cover cracked windshields without charging a deductible. It started out innocently enough with auto glass replacement companies offering free steaks when they replaced your window, but things blew up pretty quickly and they were handing out up to $500 in cash to people with broken windows. It's not tough to imagine that there was an outbreak of broken car windows in high school parking lots. Mmm, windshield steaks.

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