Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ice Pick Stabber

There was a bandit in my neighborhood robbing women at knifepoint. His operation was simple. He'd follow women inside their building when they held the locked common door open for him, then when he got inside the entryway he'd pull out a knife or ice pick and demand cash. He was caught a few days ago, but there are still signs hanging all over my lobby with security camera pictures of the alleged Ice Pick Mugger and instructions written in ALL CAPS urging people not to open the door for strangers. I am not the ice pick mugger, nor was I assaulted by him. Not to diminish his crimes against the people he physically robbed, but what he's done to the rest of us is far worse. I'm talking about the awkwardness. If I arrive home at the same time as another resident, they pretend like they can't find their keys and wander back out onto the street where it's safe -- just in case I'm following them in to rob them. Plus now there's an ultra awkward situation where you're standing inside (behind a glass door) and don't open the door for someone who forgot their key. It's as if saying, "I know they caught the Ice Pick Mugger, but I just don't think you have a very honest face."

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