Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Holidays

I used to fly on Christmas Day. Plane tickets are a lot cheaper when you're willing to leave on the day most people are relaxing. On a layover in Denver, I popped into a particular Irish bar that offers a pour of good Scotch with a beer for the low airport price of $12. I ordered and a young man who came in behind me asked the bartender what kind of beer they had, then before he got an answer ordered a Long Island Ice Tea. The bartender said, "I can't give you that, your eyes aren't lining up." Indeed this young man had trouble focusing or understanding what was going on, the obvious result of over imbiding before arriving at the airport. But then the bartender said, "I can give you is a beer." The young man ordered a Guinness, and I thought, "There you go. The Holiday spirit." Happy holidays.

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