Thursday, January 20, 2011

Odd Music Tastes

I listen to Belle & Sebastian a lot when I workout. If you're not familiar with the dulcet tones of Belle & Sebastian, I would describe them as toned-down choir boy meets melodic rock. Not exactly the best workout music. I have to listen to it because I lack anything upbeat or even remotely similar to what you'd find on an ESPN Jock Jams album. I used to sit at my friend's house and play her Top 25 most listened-to tracks on her iTunes, and it would invariably be 25 tracks of super heavy, fast-beat pop music. This was not the kind of music she said she normally listened to, but since it was her workout music, it was always at the top of her list. ...that Top 25 list, there's no way to hide from it. It charts out exactly how cool your musical taste is, no matter how rad you think you are. But then again it also shows how much you really workout.

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