Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Shady Transaction

I did an apartment exchange with a friend's brother. He took my place for the weekend when I was out of town, and in return, he would let me use his place in Canada sometime in the future. I've met him several times, and we get along well, but I wouldn't say that we're close. While I was away and my friend's brother was staying at my house, I noticed a check made out to 'cash' for $500 had been cashed through my account. This seemed like an open-and-shut case: 1. I have never made out a check to cash, and 2. My checkbook was in my kitchen in my apartment. I was absolutely confident that the person staying at my house would not steal a check and cash it, but here I was with seemingly irrefutable evidence that it was happening. What to do, right? So I call the guy and tell him about the cashed check, how I never have written a check to 'cash,' and ask if anyone has broken into my apartment over the weekend. He says everything's fine, and mentions something about, "The crazy things people can do with checks nowadays," which of course sounds like a shady answer to me. So the next day, when I can get more info from my bank on the check, what do I find? A bank error. A teller accidentally took the cash from my account, and there was no shady activity on my account. The money was already back. There's probably a life lesson in there somewhere, but what I got out of it is that my bank sucks big time.

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