Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summer Camp Special

I attended a summer camp as a child and the leaders would plan events that they thought would interest us throughout the week. One day they announced that the Flight for Life helicopter would be landing on the middle of our island, and we could gather at the edges of the island to watch the landing and then talk to the crew. They sprayed the island's topside with fire hoses prior the helicopter's arrival, and we stood back getting our faces blown off when it came in. Well, the few of us who showed up. Most people were still out in canoes or swimming, and I was among the unhappy few there to greet the crew. One of the leaders kept urging us over and over to ask the crew questions, and with no interest or any cares, I finally took pity on the crew and asked, "What does this thing run on? Unleaded?" The question was received with laughs and scoffs, but to this day it seems reasonable to me. I've looked it up, and they actually run on Grade A jet fuel, which is like white gas or kerosene. Those poor helicopter pilots thought they'd be so cool landing at a summer camp. My greeting must have been something of a letdown.

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