Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Big Game

My friend Mitch is a big Pittsburg Steelers fan and I'm a big Packer fan. The last time they played each other was several years ago, and we watched the game together and made a bet on it. The bet was simple: We each bring one bottle of whiskey and the winner takes home both. I was smart enough to specify that the bottle had to be 1 liter since I've been burned on similar bets when people gave me airplane-size whiskey bottles after they lost. Our bet had a a catch to it, during the game you were allowed to drink out of the bottle of whiskey that you'd brought. So if it became apparent that your team was going to lose, you could drink more and then deprive the winner of some of the whiskey you were going to have to hand over. I can't remember what the score ended up at the end of the game because the Packers were losing by about 20 points at halftime. Hopefully the same thing does not happen today. Go Pack!

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