Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Concert Viewing

I'm significantly larger than my girlfriend, and we're both somewhat conscientious of other people. This is not a good combination when we go to see bands together. We normally arrive once the crowd has already settled into their viewing spots but our friends will be up near the stage. She'll suggest we join them, and then she'll pick her way through the crowd. She can get away with it because she's much smaller and doesn't ruin anyone's line of sight. When I try to follow, I'll basically have to elbow people out of the way. Then when I stand wherever I'm going to post up, I'll be right in front of at least one guy who's now going to have to stare at the back of my head for the next hour instead of the stage. Instead of following my girlfriend I usually just follow for about 10 feet and then kind of circle back to the bar. I can watch from there without ruining anyone's night, plus it's less likely someone will bump into me and spill my drink.

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