Thursday, February 10, 2011

Environmental Films

The other night I saw the environmental film "Home" by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Don't worry, I have no idea how to pronounce his (her?) name either. The movie is a compilation of footage shot entirely from the air, mostly using helicopters to capture lands of unspeakable beauty. The view was breathtaking, but the news that came with it was depressing. When I left the movie, I honestly felt like a global pandemic that wipes out humankind would not be the worst thing to ever happen. In fact, even if it did happen, I'm not sure the Earth would recover in time from all we've done to destroy it. People who make environmental films are in a lose-lose situation. If they tell the truth, they turn people off by depressing them; and if they give people hope, then they haven't done much to inspire change in our behaviors that are crushing the planet's soul. What I'm saying, basically, is that someone needs to make an environmental horror movie that just scares the hell out of people so they'll do something.

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