Saturday, February 12, 2011

Home Repair Tips

I bought a TV and hung it on the wall in my apartment. The terms of my lease make it very clear that this is strictly forbidden, but I figured I'd patch the holes with some toothpaste when I moved out and no one would be the wiser. I've never embarked a project quite like this, but working on bikes for years has give me the (sometimes foolish) confidence that I can do just about any simple mechanical task. I bought a mounting kit and a massive drill bit that would let me set some anchors in the wall, then I used a small nail to search for studs. I thought I'd found one and began drilling. I didn't hit wood as quickly as I thought I would, so I put on a slightly larger drill bit and went back at it. Then it punched through the drywall, and I figured I had missed the stud. So I pulled out the drill. And then I saw the light shining thorugh the hole I just drilled. Turns out some walls in my building are pretty thin. So now my TV's on the wall and the dresser in my bedroom has been relocated to hide the four monstrous bolts sticking out. A job well done.

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