Friday, February 4, 2011

Last Slice of Pizza

Once in a while I'll go out to eat with a big group of people, and I'll know that at the end of the  meal the bill will be split evenly among everyone. In this situation I will have at least as many drinks as everyone else, and unless everyone else is drinking $1.50 Pabst, I will not drink the cheapest thing on the menu. But there has to be the person who orders that expensive drink before me, that makes the choice that we're going with $12 margaritas instead of cheap beer. Then everyone at the table makes the same logical jump and orders an expensive margarita instead of a cheap drink. I compare it to the last slice of pizza phenomenon. When you're in a big group and there's only one slice left, no one will touch it. But then someone threatens to throw away the last slice, and some guy claims it. In my experience, the person who takes the last slice of pizza is the same person who makes the jump from cheap beer to expensive drinks on the shared tab. I'm glad that person is around.

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