Thursday, February 24, 2011

Middle School Guidance Counselor

I was watching a World War II documentary the other day and a veteran was talking about when his crew landed on the beaches in Normandy. He said that his commander told them that at least a quarter of them would die storming beach, and then pointed to roughly a quarter of their boat's load and said it would be them. This veteran went on to say that he considered it a very odd way to try to motivate a group of men. I totally get it, my guidance counselor did the same thing in middle school. He asked an auditorium full of students how many of us thought we'd go to college. Everyone raised their hands, and he told us statistically only about a quarter would make it there. Then he indicated a quarter of the room and said these people represented who would go to college. To me it didn't make any sense, but then again I was in the 3/4 who he indicated would not go to college, so I didn't try to over-think it.

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