Sunday, March 27, 2011

Play it Backward

Everyone I know has had a car broken into at least once. One friend didn't notice for a week since her car is normally in a state of mess and she couldn't tell it had been ransacked. They stole her Prius owner's manual but left her waders in the backseat. I can't imagine the street value of either would have been very high. One friend lost his CDs, but only a handful of them. It seems the thief went through his CD book and took only CDs that he thought were any good. My friend tried to shrug it off, but I could tell it bothered him that his thief thought so lowly of his music collection. One of my friends broke into a car once. He was returning from a hike and someone had broken into his vehicle and stolen his headlamp. He noticed that the car next to him had its window down and there was a headlamp on the seat, so he nabbed it. Kind of the opposite of playing it forward.

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